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The library is a space for reading, studying, training and information, therefore, it is necessary to keep the space orderly and quiet for the development of different individual and group activities.
Its main objective is to provide the means to support the institutional curricular plan, motivate the use of the bibliographic materials that it protects within its printed bibliographic collections and dispose them for the use of its users.
It also promotes a space for encounters with history, science and knowledge in general, as well as a space for human relations, generating spaces to share ideas and discuss different topics.
In the library, users find advice and guidance to search for effective information, taking into account the five laws proposed by Ranganathan:
The books are for use
For each reader, his book
For each book, your reader
Save time for readers
The library is an organism that grows

Next, the regulations of use that must be fulfilled for the use of the different spaces and services of the library are presented.

The Regulation of use of the library is essential for the educational community to recognize the conditions of use of the physical space and the different rooms (reading, audiovisual, computing), as well as the rights and duties of students, teachers and others staff of the educational community using the physical space, bibliographic materials and library services.


PBX (+57) (5) 4209644