Monday 23rd of July 2018


The TEDEd Club Connect was a successful session last March 15 (Thursday).  Two TEDEd Club Countries participated in the session, namely Canada and India.  TEDEd Club members participated and they were Will Gourley from TEDEd Club and Krishna from TED Ed India.  The members of our TEDEd Club were very active and engaged in sharing their ideas during the session.  They received feedbacks and suggestions from the TEDEd leaders on how they could improve their ideas when they deliver them.  It was a fun and fulfilling experience to all of the members who participated the session.
After the TEDEd Cultural Exchange session, the participants had started writing their talks.  They were able to draft their ideas and able to start writing the beginning, middle and ending of their talks.  Once their ideas are revised and edited, they will be ready to record them so we could upload them online.

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