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Apr 27


Conferencia virtual "¿Cómo podemos prevenir el acoso escolar (bullying) y el ciberacoso?" El acoso escolar (o bullying) y el acoso por medios electrónicos (cyberbullying) siguen siendo frecuentes en la gran mayoría de colegios. En esta conferencia

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Welcome, students, to our ninth edition of SAMUN! Here, we have a place for absolutely everyone. We are currently working on making this conference a unique and wonderful experience. If you have any questions whatsoever, contact us through our official email samun@cbsm.edu.co. Get ready for SAMUN IX!

Video institucional

Presentation and visualization of the institutional video of the Santa Marta Bilingual School, carried out as an informative sample of the different activities and events of the educational establishment and all its members.

We invite you to become part of our academic community.

Character Counts

Character Counts is an initiative developed through an educational context, where the six pillars of character: reliability, respect, responsibilities, justice, kindness and civic-mindedness are taught, fostered, and promoted. For CBSM, it is a priority to make the school environment safe and healthy for our students.


Taking into account that nutrition plays an important role in child development of the, our School has two cafeterias, one in the high school and another in Primary with trained personnel willing to provide an excellent service.  Healthy and Rich Food!  

“For good nutrition it is important to train in good eating habits”

About us

We are a nonprofit private educational institution. We focus our pedagogical process on the formation of integral leaders, bilingual people, with social responsibility, sports discipline, critical and creative and innovative thinking, through a curriculum based on national and international standards.

PBX (+57) (5) 4209644