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The Directorate of Student Welfare through Support Services (Psychology and Learning Center) seeks to promote, prevent and attend in a timely manner the difficulties and needs of students that may arise during their school process through the development of academic, social skills, behavioral and emotional through referral and timely attention to these services.

The Welfare Department has a team consisting of: 1 Wellness Director, 1 Learning Center Coordinator, 4 Section Psychologists (1 in Preschool, 1 in Primary and 2 in High School), 1 Wellness Psychologist, 1 Occupational Therapist, 1 Speech Therapist, 1 Tutor and Learning Specialist.

Support services offered the following:

1) Definition of school support levels.
2) Referral of students to Support Services.
3) Identification of needs, monitoring and intervention.
4) Screening, Sweeping and Psychoeducational Evaluations.
5) School Accommodation Program (care of students with Special Educational Needs – SEN).
6) Individual Plan for Reasonable Adjustments (PIAR).

The programs led by the Welfare Department are the following:

1. Character Counts.
2. Professional Guidance:
– Vocational Guidance Tests.
– Advice and workshop with external professionals.
– University Fairs.
– University visits.
– Guidance during the application process to universities (National and International).
– Promotion of institutional agreements.

3. School Coexistence Program:
– TO MY.
– School Agreements.
– Training Days.

4. Guidance:
– School Program of development of Social Emotional Skills.
– School Program of Sexual Education and Construction of Citizenship.
– Early Care Program (Learning Center – only for Preschool).

5. Parent Schools.

6. School of Nannies.

7. Admission processes for new students.

8. Personnel Selection Processes.

PBX (+57) (5) 4209644