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The Santa Marta Bilingual School House Program is framed in the 6 pillars of character (Responsibility, Respect, Justice, Civics, Reliability, and Goodness) that are the basis of the Character Counts and Victoria con Honor program. Through this, it seeks to promote, through the development of leisure activities, academic, sports, artistic, among others, integration, healthy coexistence and competence, sense of belonging and love towards the institution among students and other members of the Bilingual family.

The assignment of the members of the community (students, professors, administrative and maintenance staff) is done randomly in 4 houses: TUDOR, LANCASTER, WINDSOR, and STUART.When a new student enters the institution a house is assigned taking into account the following criteria:
If there are relatives in a house, the student is placed in it.
If there are no relatives, the location is randomized.



Tudor – Yellow
Value: Respect
Motto: “Do not think like me, but respect that I think differently”

Windsor – Orange
Value: Justice
Motto: “Be just before being generous, be human before being fair”, Cecilia Bóhl de Faber.

Stuart – Red
Value: Goodness
Motto: “The goodness of man is a flame that can be hidden, but not extinguished,” Nelson Mandela.

Landcaster – Green
Value: Responsibility
Motto: “The price of greatness is the responsibility”, Winston Churchill.

PBX (+57) (5) 4209644