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The education that we propose to offer our students, implies a methodology consistent with the mission and vision of our campus. This is why the curricular design is flexible and its criteria and processes contribute to the integral formation of our students. The pedagogical model of the School is designed in accordance with the conceptual frameworks of the Teaching for Understanding (TfU) and Reverse Design (UbD) and the development of competencies based on the standards of both the Ministry of National Education and selected international standards. for each area and department. We encourage a teaching style in which the ability to solve problems and critical and creative thinking is preferred.

Our pedagogical model also integrates and adapts to our environment, contemporary perspectives in relation to the pedagogy oriented towards the construction of knowledge and the development of thought.

From its philosophy, the goal of the Santa Marta Bilingual School is to train individuals to build their knowledge, understand what they have learned and transfer it independently to new situations, becoming entrepreneurs.

l people who responsibly respond to society through actions that reflect the values and virtues that contribute to peaceful coexistence and global progress. It is a teaching process that develops the ability to solve problems, form critical and creative thinking, as well as the ability to plan, monitor and evaluate their learning.

PBX (+57) (5) 4209644