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Proceso de Admisión


Admissions of New Students

The following conditions and procedures are taken into account for the acceptance of a new student in CBSM:
Applications for admission to the school can be made personally at the school’s facilities, through telephone calls or via email.
The admission process begins with an interview in the Admissions Coordination, where parents and/or parents are informed and oriented about the Institution.

The Family parent must submit the following forms completely filled out:
Application for Admissions
Admission Request Letter

In addition, the following documents must be attached:
2 Photographs size 3 x 4
Work certificate of one of the parents.
For applicants for Pre-K-4th grade, they must bring a visual certificate issued by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.
Medical certificate of good health on letterhead, with signature and seal of the doctor.
Photocopy of the health card.
Photocopy of the vaccine card or vaccination certificate (only for preschoolers).

Intercollegiate Form

Certificate of Good Standing (Paz y Salvo) and Except the previous school (if the student comes from a school in Colombia)
Aspirants to Preschool: last two school reports.
Students aspiring to First (1st) and Second (2nd)
– Certificate of Notes in original of the last two years taken (if they come from Schools abroad the certificates of qualifications must be apostilled by the corresponding authority).
Students aspiring to the Third (3rd), Fourth (4th), and Fifth (5th) grades
– Certificate of Notes in original of the degrees taken since Transition (if they come from Schools abroad, the certificates of qualifications must be apostilled by the corresponding authority).
Students aspiring to grades Sixth (6th) to Eleven (11th)
– Certificate of Notes in original of Baccalaureate and of Fifth (5th) Primary (if they come from Schools abroad the certificates of qualifications must be apostilled by the corresponding authority).
For applicants to elementary and high school:
– Certificate of the conduct of the previous School.
Once the completed forms have been received with the corresponding supports, the Admissions Coordination cites the student to present the following academic evaluations:
Applicants to Kindergarten will present English and Math tests.
Applicants for Transition to Tenth grade must take exams in English, Spanish and Mathematics.
Candidates for Kindergarten and higher courses must have a good academic performance and an adequate level of English as a second language required for the degree to which they aspire.
10th-grade students can only enter students from other cities or abroad who meet all of the above requirements and also come from institutions with a curriculum comparable to ours and with an English level according to the grade.
All applicants must present psychology tests and the applicant’s parents must attend the interview that the College programs with the Department of Psychology.

In the event that one of the exams does not meet the minimum established by the school, at the discretion of the Admissions Committee, parents will be established an academic commitment of leveling in the corresponding subject that must be fulfilled by the student and which will be monitored by the Section Direction and the Psychology Department and / or Learning Center.
The School reserves the right of admission of students who have had disciplinary or academic problems in other Colleges.
The minimum ages required, fulfilled until July 31, for the candidates to be admitted to the CBSM, will be the following:

Grado Edad a 31 de Julio Grado Edad
Stars1 1 Año 10 Años
Stars 2 2 Años 11 Años
Nursery 3 Años 12 Años
PreKinder 4 Años 13 Años
Kinder 5 Años 14 Años
Transition 6 Años 15 Años
7 Años 10º 16 Años
8 Años 11º 17 Años
9 Años



PBX (+57) (5) 4209644