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Social projection

According to Decree 1860 of Law 115 of 1994, it is the duty of the students of every Educational Institution to comply with a Social Service Program, and it is the duty of the Institution to ensure that this is accomplished in a plan of 80 theoretical hours and practices, which are a requirement for graduation.
To carry out this program, the Bilingual School Santa Marta in partnership with the Colombian Red Cross Sectional Magdalena have designed and built a work plan for our students through which they can play a leading role developing activities with vulnerable communities and act as multipliers of programs that seek to generate individual and collective development.

The training and training processes of the theoretical part train students in different relevant topics at the moment and provide them with useful tools for their integral formation. The Social Service is divided into 40 theoretical hours and 40 practical hours; within the first 40 hours, the following topics will be developed:

–       First aid.
– Prevention of emergencies and disasters.
–       Primary Health Care.
– STIs, HIV and AIDS.
– Institutional doctrine.
–       Community work.

Once the theoretical knowledge has been acquired, the students will carry out the community work in the company of volunteers of the Red Cross and Teachers of the institution; This is carried out with one or more of the communities with which the Red Cross works.

PBX (+57) (5) 4209644