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To apply for Certificates it is necessary that the student is Certificate of Good Standing (Paz y Salvo)  for all reasons with the Institution and cancels the rates established for this purpose.

These will be delivered in three business days after the request.

The CBSM will only issue certificates for school payments that are made during the course of a fiscal year, whether for the declaration of income, withholding at the source or another economic benefit, to the parent or family member who is registered at the time of enrollment as “Economic Responsible”.

The CBSM must report to the DIAN through magnetic means, all economic responsibility for the school payments made to the Bilingual Educational Corporation of Santa Marta during the fiscal year.

If you wish to request the following certificates, enter the corresponding link:

Certificates of grades, transcripts and proofs of studies:silvia.vives@cbsm.edu.co

Certificates of Retefuente, Paz y Salvo: sabina.osorio@cbsm.edu.co


If you want to request an appointment, go to the corresponding section:

Preschool Direction: 
High School Direction:ana.lopez@cbsm.edu.co
Welfare Direction:melanie.velez@cbsm.edu.co
Elementary Direction:maria.mendez@cbsm.edu.co

PBX (+57) (5) 4209644